How this works

Royale Rating (RR) aims to give each player a score related to their skill. This allows us to rank players by that score.

Main formula:

RR = μ - 3σ

Skill Score (μ, mu):

  • Winning increases your score.
  • Losing decreases your score.
  • Winning against a higher rated player gives a bigger increase.
  • Losing against a lower rated player gives a bigger decrease.
  • Draws against higher players increase your score, and decrease it when they are lower.

Uncertainty (σ, sigma):

  • Playing more games gives a more precise rating, it decreases the uncertainty.
  • Winning against higher players and losing to lower players gives a less precise rating, it increases the uncertainty.

When the uncertainty (σ) decreases enough, your rating is considered to be precise, and RR ≈ μ.

RR Curve