Global Tournaments

Global Tournaments are the main event in which players can regularly compete at tournament standard levels. There are usually 2 Global Tournaments per month: one with normal battle format and another one with a special game mode.

After a GT concludes, Supercell performs a Fair Play check on the top 1000 accounts of the leaderboard. Players who pass this check are listed in the final leaderboard, and that's what RoyaleAPI uses to create the final badges.

As a consequence of this:

  • There are often small rank mismatches when compared to in-game badges. Many players are moved up a few ranks in the leaderboard due to the disqualified players that have been removed. In-game ranks are assigned before these players are removed from the leaderboard.

  • Getting a badge in-game does not guarantee a badge in your RoyaleAPI profile. If you are one of the disqualified players, your account won't be listed in the final leaderboard, so you won't be eligible for this badge.

If you want to know more details about these issues, the Global Tournament FAQ might be helpful.

There are a total of 5 available badges related to Global Tournaments:

  • 1 for Global Tournament Rating
  • 3 for normal Global Tournaments
  • 1 for special Global Tournaments

Global Tournament Rating

Details for the GTR badge are available on a separate page:

GTR Details

Normal Global Tournaments

This is the most common type of GT, with more than 40 in the books. The best 3 results are displayed as badges, which look like this:

Normal Global Tournament Badge

Special Global Tournaments

This category includes many game modes that have been featured over the years: Community Bans, Mega Draft, Mirror, Triple Draft, Double Elixir, Mini Collection, Triple Elixir, Rage, Sudden Death, Draft and Ramp Up.

Only the best result among all these tournaments is displayed as a badge, which looks like this:

Special Global Tournament Badge

Additional Resources

While a Global Tournament is active, in-game you can just see a leaderboard with the top 50 players. Our live leaderboard is longer and has up to 1000 players, which can be very useful to see how likely you are to earn a badge.

GT Live Leaderboard

You can also find the full leaderboards of all the previous Global Tournaments.

All GT Leaderboards

If you are looking for good Global Tournament decks, you can the best ones for active and recent GTs in this page:

Global Tournament Decks
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