Known Issues: 2022 Q4 Update

This is a list of known issues that relate to new features and bugs after the Clash Royale 2022 Q4 Update. All of these issues depend on implementations by Supercell, and they’re not issues that we can address on our own.

These items have already been logged into our lists of feature requests and bug reports with the Clash Royale team. They don’t give time estimates when things will get fixed. Please wait patiently until they get implemented.

See: 2022 Q4 Game Updateopen in new window on our blog about this update.

RoyaleAPI Features

These are features that we have on our site.



  • Local leaderboards are no longer available. Local leaderboards were removed by Supercell. They have been added in the game again in the Q4 update, but are currently missing in the API.
  • Global leaderboards don’t have players. This issue appeared after the update and we‘re working with Supercell to get this resolved — hopefully soon.
  • Leaderboard Decks not updating. Leaderboard Decks depend on PoL Leaderboard being available, so it won’t have any items right now.

Player Profile

  • Path of Legends wins and losses don’t count towards total games. Known issue. Already reported.
    • Should be fixed by Supercell. Pending verification
  • Previous season finish from Path of Legends not displayed. Known issue. Already reported.
  • Path of Legends finish not in Ranked seasons. Known issue. This depends on new endpoint being made available for PoL seasons.
    • 2023-02-13: Implemented by Supercell. Subsequently, we’re able to add new Path of Legends badges for players. See @RoyaleAPIopen in new window

Game Features

These are issues related to the game itself.

Emote Collection

  • Adding more than 4 emotes to favorites may cause strange behavior. Known issue.
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