Profile Badges

Inspired by the original design of Clash Royale profiles, the RoyaleAPI profile badges are one of the best tools available to get a quick overview of someone's player profile. These badges highlight and summarise the most relevant accomplishments of every player.

All player profiles have a section labelled "Achievement Badges", which contains all of their badges. For players who have more than 15 badges, a summarised view is enabled by default; the remaining badges can be seen by toggling the "Detail" option.

Although all badges are blended seamlessly together in this section, there are 2 main categories:

  • In-game Badges
  • Custom Badges

In-game Badges

In-game badges are based on Clash Royale profiles and unique for each account. These are based on player tags and only displayed on each profile independently.

Most of these are available in-game, to decorate your Battle Banner. Others are not, like the Ladder and Global Tournament finishes, but are still tied to specific accounts.

Custom Badges

Custom badges are unique badges that our team manually maintains. These badges are usually related to esports and content creation.

Unlike in-game badges, custom badges are tied to esports profiles, which can contain multiple game accounts. All the accounts linked to an esports profile will usually display the same custom badges.

For example, a SuperCreator with the SuperCreator badge will have this badge displayed on all their public accounts.

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Authors: Alvaro Peña