The core elements on an overlay are the same for 1v1 and 2v2, with the exception that we don’t show matchup data for 2v2 battles. The main reason for which is the limited amount of available data for 2v2 battles. Aside from the limited amount of competitive 2v2 battles being played, matching 16 cards vs 16 cards (32 total) produces sample sizes that are not large enough to provide reliable results.


1v1 Labeled

  1. Player Name. The in-game name of the player. For leagues, it can be set to a custom name if player constant configuration is submitted.
  2. Crowns. Battle results.
  3. Average Elixir. Average elixir cost of the deck.
  4. 4-Card Cycle. The cheapest 4 card cycle available in a deck, which determines the fastest cycling speed.
  5. Card Count. The number inside the yellow square denotes the number of times a card was played during the battle.
  6. Total Elixir. The total amount of elixir played during the entire game for that player.
  7. Leaked Elixir. The total amount of elixir leaked during the entire game for that player. Leaked elixir is lost after the player has reached 10 drops — the maximum elixir a player can have at any given time.
  8. Matchup. The statistical probability / likelihood for a player to win the game, sampled from battles in Grand Challenges and Ladder. Depending on the amount of available battles using those specific decks, it can be one of the following:
    • Matchup (8/8). Matching 8 cards from both sides: the exact deck of the blue team vs the exact deck of the red team.
    • Matchup (7/8). Matching 7 cards or more from both sides. For example, the data will include all of the following conditions:
      • blue 8/8, red 8/8
      • blue 7/8, red 8/8
      • blue 8/8, red 7/8
      • blue 7/8, red 7/8
    • Matchup (6/8). Matching 6 cards or more from both sides. The logic is similar to the 7/8 match above.
    • Win-Con + 4. Matches the Win-Condition from either side, together with 4 additional cards on either side. This option will mostly be displayed only when sample size is too small to use the x/8 mathcups. For example, using the labeled illustration above, it matches:
      • X-Bow plus 4 other matching cards on the blue side, against Balloon plus 4 other cards on the red side.
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