Overlay for Leagues

We support additional customization of the overlay for competitive leagues. Please note that most of these customizations will require a separate discussion with us.

1v1 for NTL

Here are some possible configuration options:

  • League logo. Logo of the event.
  • Background. Background image to be used to match the league branding.
  • Player Names. Instead of the IGN (in-game name) of the player, leagues may choose to provide a list of preferred player names to be used with each player.
  • Team Logo and Names. Team name and logo can be displayed.
  • Fonts. Custom web font. It is preferred if this is selected from the Google Fontsopen in new window. We will evaluate suitability to be used with the overlay depending on its legibility and readibility.
  • Further Customization. Additional customization can be available. Please chat with us about it.
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