Known Issues: 2022 Q3 Update

Please see Known Issues: 2022 Q4 Update for the latest.

This is a list of known issues that relate to new features and bugs after the Clash Royale 2022 Q3 Update. All of these issues depend on improvements by Supercell — they’re not something that we can fix on our own. These items have already been logged into our lists of feature requests and bug reports with the Clash Royale team. Now we must wait patiently for them to get through them. They don’t give time estimates when things will get fixed.

See: 2022 Q3 Major Game Updateopen in new window on our blog about this update. It’s the update that introduced that Path of Legends, Clash Royale’s new ranked mode.

RoyaleAPI Features

These are features that we have on our site.


  • Local leaderboards are no longer available. Local leaderboards have been intentionally removed by Supercell. They won’t come back until further notice.

Player Profile

  • Path of Legends wins and losses don’t count towards total games. Known issue. Already reported.
  • Previous season finish from Path of Legends not displayed. Known issue. Already reported.
  • Path of Legends finish not in Ranked seasons. Known issue. This depends on new endpoint being made available for PoL seasons.

Game Features

This is a list of bugs that the game has. We are including them here as an FAQ so we can link to it, as we do get lots of questions about them all the time.

  • Replays not playing games in the right level. This has been fixed in the Q4 update.
  • Local leaderboard not available. This has been added in the Q4 update.
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