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We use Crowdinopen in new window as our web tool for translation. Once you have been accepted, you will receive an invite from us for the language you are responsible for.

Here are some special notes about translations that you should be aware of.

Special Characters


When you see text containing %, they require special treatment.

%% denotes a single % character. When you translate them, please also type %%.

If you want to translate the word percentage as %, please also use this double %% — otherwise it will break the site!

Last %(day_count)s days

When you see texts like this, please keep the full fragment %(day_count)s unchanged, as these are variables that will be inserted by the webapp. You should translate the word last and days in your own language and insert %(day_count)s within it.

%(num)d time 

Same as above. Keep %(num)d intact.

Short words

Words like GC meant that it needs to fit in small spaces. This is why you should not translate GC as the full text of Grand Challlenge as your text won’t be able to fit on mobile. If you absolutely can’t translate it as something short, mention it in your translation channel and we will help you figure out the best way to translate it.


Some texts come with screenshots to provide context. If you come across a word where you are unsure how they may appear, please mention so in #translation and we will provide screenshots.


There are two main roles for translations: translator and proofreader.

  • Everyone is a translator.
  • Proofreaders may go through all the available translations and mark the selected translations. If you disagree with the the selected translation, you can use your language-specific channels to discuss them. Not all proofreaders have been picked yet, but we will review them over time.
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