RoyaleAPI has the most complete and reliable database of esports achievements for Clash Royale. Our team has tracked events and results since 2016, from the worldwide competitions organised by Supercell to hundreds of regional events by independent organisers.

These results are then displayed publicly in player profiles, providing a transparent and trustworthy record of the competitive performance of all players.

Requirements for valid achievements

For an event to be listed in our database, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum prize pool: $500 USD.
  • Full compliance with Supercell's Tournament Guidelines.
  • Player is in our Esports Database.

Are you an event organiser looking to collaborate with us and be included in our database? More information here:

Events page

For any other issues like adding a missing event, reporting an existing event or simply speaking directly with our team:

Create a support request

Individual and team achievements

  • Individual: achievements only for players.
  • Teams: achievements for players and staff.

Individual events are single-player events; team events involve groups of players, from professional organisations to simple 2v2 partners.

Individual achievement submission

We try to cover all the events we are aware of, but we aren't perfect, we sometimes miss some. If you are a player, event organiser or even just a fan, we recommend that you send us the details of the event to ensure that we keep track of it.

Submit event details

Team achievement submission

For team achievements, the information of the participants must be provided by the organisers of an event. If the organisers missed a participant that should have received the achievement, please contact the organisers first.

You should only contact our staff as a last resort. For example, if the organisers are no longer active or are unreachable. If this is the case, please provide details and sufficient proof that allows us to verify your participation. Only the participants who are active at the conclusion of an event will receive the achievement in their profile.

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Achievement tiers

In 2021 we introduced a tier system for achievements, you can find the release blog hereopen in new window.

Tiers are mainly used to sort achievements by relevance and as requirements to earn the Pro label. Tier numbers range from 1 (best) to 9 (lowest), although most of the public achievements are just 1-6. Lower tiers are usually reserved for casual events and exhibition matches that aren't competitive in nature, but still relevant enough to be displayed in a profile.

Within a single event, achievements will have different tiers based on the final placement of each player. The best tier is given to the event winner, and tiers are reduced progressively until reaching Tier 6. For example, in a Tier 3 event with single elimination format:

Tier 3 Single Elimination Bracket

The winner of the event earns the Tier 3 achievement, the runner-up earns a Tier 4 achievement, the 3rd/4th place earns a Tier 5 achievement... and so on.

The amount of players for each tier grows exponentially, so higher tier events provide achievements to many more players. These are the most common achievement distributions:

Event Tiers Achievement Distribution

Additional information: esports profiles

  • Achievements are part of esports profiles, therefore a player must have an esports profile for achievements to be displayed.
  • Earning achievements in unrelated to profile validation. If a player is not eligible to have an esports profile, participating in esports event will not change that.
  • Achievements are linked to esports profiles, which causes them to be listed in all the known accounts of that player.

Special achievements

The previously listed requirements apply to most events, but we may have exceptions whenever our team deems it appropriate. For example, in-game events that do not have prize pool but are very significant:

  • Top 10 players of Ladder Seasons
  • Top 4 players of Global Tournaments
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