We use Discord to collaborate on translation. Please join https://discord.royaleapi.comopen in new window if you haven’t already.

Discord Roles

Translators will be given a special Discord role to open more channels.

  • Translator role will give you access to all translation channels.
  • translate.ja role will give you language-specific translation channels.

Discord Channels

  • translate-announce. We will use this channel for important announcements about the translation project.
  • translation. This is the general channel for discussing about translations.
  • translate-ja. These are language-specific channels to discuss translations with other people in the project.
    • Use these channels to discuss translation — ideally in English so that we know what is discussed.
    • However, if you absolutely need to discuss in the language that you are translating to, you may do so. Just know that we won’t be able to read your messages and solve any potential problems as we don’t speak your language.
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