Esports Profile Application

Who can apply for an esports profile?

Everyone can apply to have an esports profile on their RoyaleAPI player profile.

I’ve submitted my application 3 months ago but nothing happened.

Although everyone can apply for an esports profile, they don’t always get granted. If you have requested an esports profile a long time ago and never received it, most likely it has been rejected. We usually process all requests within 1-2 weeks.

Will you let me know if my application was rejected?

No. Unfortunately, this is not possible since we don’t have your contact information. After waiting for ~2 weeks, you’ll know if your request was approved or rejected based on the changes to your profile.

Can you let me know why I get rejected?

Unfortunately, no. We’d like to provide full transparency of our process, but this would make it easier for bad actors to submit falseful information. Our ultimate goal is to provide accurate and reliable information. For this reason, detailed explanations of why an application is rejected are not provided.

Can I talk to a human?

Yes. You can always write to us at RoyaleAPI Supportopen in new window. Just note that sending us multiple messages will not get you more replies nor further considerations. Our decisions are final.

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Authors: SML, Alvaro Peña