Global Tournament Rating (GTR)

GTR is a score from 0 to 10,000 points, designed to rate the strength of players in Global Tournaments.

There are some game mode restrictions, but the basic idea is that the 10 best results are added together into this score. GTR scores are useful to compare different players, and increase over time as each player completes Global Tournaments with better ranks.

GTR is displayed in profiles as a badge for anyone who has a valid score and an esports profile. The badge is displayed across all the public accounts of the esports profile.

GTR Badge

Game mode categories

Global Tournaments have had many modes over time. We wanted to balance their relevance in GTR without entirely removing the less competitive modes. To do that, we asked for your helpopen in new window a few months ago by rating all the available modes. Taking those polls into account, this is what we have decided:

4 categories of game modes:

  • Competitive
  • Semi-Competitive
  • Semi-Casual
  • Casual

Each of the categories will have a capped relevance for the overall rating. This creates a system in which:

  • Players can earn the maximum rating with just "Competitive Modes".
  • Players can only reach 50% of the maximum rating without "Competitive Modes".

This diagram shows the capped weight of each of the 4 categories:

GTR Mode Weight

GTR Leaderboard

GTR Player Leaderboard

Rating Details

Score system

Score for each GT is linearly based on rank. [Score = 1001 - Rank]

  • #1: 1000 points

  • #501: 500 points

  • #901: 100 points

  • #1000: 1 point

The top 10 scores are added together into the final GTR.


If players have the same GTR, we use the following order of tiebreakers to decide their rank in the leaderboard:

  1. GT Count: number of GTs that were counted in the GTR score. Less GTs is better.

  2. Last GT date: date of most recent GT that was counted in the GTR score. More recent date is better.

  3. Last GT rank: rank in the most recent GT that was counted in the GTR score. Higher rank is better.


GTR is mainly based on the combination of:

  • RoyaleAPI Esports Database.
  • Global Tournament leaderboards provided by Supercell.

These leaderboards provide results after the Fair Play checks are performed, so they may not match in-game results. More details about this are available hereopen in new window.

Accounts and profiles

  • Players without an esports profile will not have the badge displayed in their profile or appear in the leaderboard. You can find more information about esports profiles hereopen in new window.

  • All the accounts in the esports profile contribute to GTR.

  • Only the best rank of each GT is considered. If you finish with 10 accounts in the top 100 of a GT, only the highest one is counted.

  • Private accounts in your esports profile will count towards your GTR, but will not display the badge.

  • We may disqualify players involved with account sharing, even if they have an active esports profile. This is mainly to ensure that our score system works as intented.

Leaderboard updates

We plan to update GTRs and the GTR leaderboard once per season or month, which means every 2 Global Tournaments.

Minimum score

  • To earn the badge and appear in the leaderboard, you’ll need a minimum score of 1,000 points.

  • Only the best 10,000 players will be listed in the leaderboard and have GTR displayed in their profiles. At the moment, there are around 5,000 players, so we don't expect this limit to kick in in the short term.

Game mode category details

The numbers in parenthesis after the following categories refer to the amount of Global Tournaments that have used these game modes, at the time of writing this blog (January 2024).

  • Competitive Modes (67)

    • Normal (66)
    • Community Bans (1)
  • Semi-Competitive Modes (11)

    • Mega Draft (3)
    • Mirror (1)
    • Triple Draft (7)
  • Semi-Casual Modes (12)

    • Double Elixir (8)
    • Mini Collection (4)
  • Casual Modes (28)

    • Triple Elixir (7)
    • Rage (5)
    • Sudden Death (8)
    • Draft (7)
    • Ramp Up (1)

These categories may be modified in the future. If you think any of these game modes should be promoted or demoted, you can explain why in the comments, and it will be considered.

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Authors: Alvaro Peña