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Deck Searchopen in new window is RoyaleAPI’s premium real-time search engine for meta decks.

What is Rating?

R = f(UR, WR)

Rating (R) is a formula we have developed in-house together with data scientists. It combines use rate (UR) and win rate (WR) together to give a single sortable value that can be used to evaluate the performance of a deck.

Read our blog postopen in new window for more detailed information.

Why do I get different deck results when I use card filters?

When you perform a search — whether you sort it by rating, win rates, or usage, we always find the most popular results first. We then sort those results and return the list to you depending on your sort preference.

When you use the card filter options, the most popular results will change, and that may include decks that have higher win rates (but with significantly lower usage). This explains why you can sometimes see decks that appear to have higher win rates / ratings after applying card inclusion.

Can’t you just always fetch the decks with the best win rates?

Our deck search is performed in real-time. If you want to find the all the decks’ win rates without first going through a pre-search to fetch the most popular decks, we would have to first create an index and calculate the win rate of every single deck that was played within the time period.

Given that there are literally millions of battles every day, and there are trillions of deck possibilities, doing this calculation in real time is prohibitively slow.

Also, as decks with lower usage tends to have higher win rates, you’ll end up getting deck results that are much less optimal. Even if we ignore the time-requirement and use post-processing alone, our own test data shows that not using this pre-search will give results that are mostly not meaningful.

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