Esports Basics

RoyaleAPI provides a reliable source of information for the competitive scene that has been built around Clash Royale. This data is available throughout our platform labeled as esports information, and involves teams, competitions and achievements.

This page will answer some of the most common questions we receive and explain how you can request changes to the information we display.

In short, these are the forms you should use to request changes:

Submit or modify profileSubmit a new team

(New team admissions have been paused temporarily)


If your request doesn't contain all the expected information, it will be automatically discarded. We recommend you read through the rest of this support page to ensure this doesn't happen.

If your issue can't be addressed properly in these two forms, you can also get in touch with us on RoyaleAPI Discussopen in new window.

Time Estimates

Esports profile and team submissions go through manual fact-checks, which takes time. They are processed in the order of the queue.

Nudging us won’t speed up your update — disgruntled goblins may decide to move you to the end of the queue if you bother them too much.

We don’t give time estimates to these updates. How soon they get updated depends on:

  • your position in the queue
  • the complexity of the request
  • our current workload
  • our availability

Depending on the factors listed above, it can take up to a month or as quickly as a day to process your request.

Talk to a Human

Open an issue on our Support forum if you need to talk to a human in new window.

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