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I have won several challenges recently but I don’t see it in the challenge winners feed. Why?

We only knows if you’ve won a challenge if our site is aware of it. That means checking your battle logs when you have won a challenge.


The Clash Royale API from Supercell does not natively provide a list of winners in challenges. There also isn’t a way to natively fetch challenge winners directly by querying their database. The only way to access battle data (and thus the winners) is from the battle logs of the players.

When you visit your battle log, we save your battle data to our database. By querying our own database, we are then able to detect if you have won a challenge. This behavior is applicable to challenges for all of the game modes in the game, including Grand Challenge, Classic Challenge, or other special challenges.

All of the third-party sites that provide winners feed of challenges are implemented this way.

But my friend didn’t visit his battle log and his wins still shows up?

We have implemented advanced algorithms and mechanisms that try to predict if a player will win challenges. The algorithms calculate success metrics and try to predict player behavior. A hit from these predictions will be able to find challenge winners even if the players didn’t check the battle logs themselves. However, in order for our site to learn this behavior, it must first learn about you, and that means checking your battle logs.

These algorithms were implemented so that we could provide close to 100% coverage of all the winners in the 20-win challenges. In the most recent 20-win challenges, our coverage of winners has been higher than 99.9%.

If showing up in the winners feed and having your results included on the challnege winners feed and challenge leaderboard is important to you, you should always check your battle logs. Checking battle logs is the 100% fool-proof way that your wins will be indexed.

Which battle log do I visit?

You must visit your battle log on https://royaleapi.comopen in new window — i.e. visiting the battle log inside the game won’t have the same effect.

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