Clash Royale players cluster together into teams to train and participate in competitions which require it. These teams can range from very professional environments to amateur groups of friends.

In RoyaleAPI we consider all of them equally valid — there are no minimum requirements for team submissions. For a team to be created, we only need a logo and a list of players.


Although anyone can request a new team in RoyaleAPI, we recommend that submissions are handled by the team manager or a different staff member of the team.

Requests are made with this formopen in new window.

Submit a new team


Admissions for new teams have been paused indefinitely, as well as verifications for already-existing teams. Managers will be notified through Discord whenever the admission process is restarted, but there are no plans for this to happen in the short term.

If you request your team to be added to RoyaleAPI, we’ll get back to you once your submission has been accepted (through Discord). Due to that, it’s compulsory to join our RoyaleAPI Pro Discord serveropen in new window — if you don’t, your request will be discarded automatically.

Other considerations:

  • If your team is already verified, that means that someone else is already in charge of managing the team. Requests to manage verified teams are discarded automatically.
  • Academy teams or additional divisions of already verified teams must be requested by the admin of the main team.

Note: if the current admin is no longer part of the team and should be replaced by someone else, please contact Alpe123 on Twitter (@Alpe123_CRopen in new window) or Discord (@alpe123#2295open in new window).

Verified Teams

Teams that have completed the submission process automatically become verified. The verified label indicates that the information of a team is managed by someone of the team and therefore is reliably updated.

Verified Team


Team admins can manage the information of their members with our TeamSync tool. With it you can edit the roster, roles and other information of your team members. This tool can only be used to manage the "main team" of the members of a team, participations in events are handled separately by event organisers.

More details about TeamSync and instructions to use it are available here.


Similarly to how event participations are handled by event organisers, so are the achievements of a team. Criteria for team achievements are similar to what we use for individual achievements — events should have at least 500 USD of prize pool. If an event which does meet this requirement isn’t listed, you can contact Alpe123 on Twitter (@Alpe123_CRopen in new window) or Discord (@alpe123#2295open in new window) to evaluate other details. We advise for these enquiries to be done directly by event organisers, as we’ll require in-depth details of the event to add it to RoyaleAPI as a valid achievement.

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