Teams Registration

How can I submit a team application?

Team verifications have been paused indefinitely, and we have no plans to reopen this process. This status is unlikely to change unless Supercell decides to run Clash Royale League (CRL) in a team format again.

But an important league requires me to have a team profile on RoyaleAPI

This seems to be an issue with the league rules and doesn’t change our stance. Please direct the league admin to this page and explain to them that team registration is not possible on RoyaleAPI.

The pause of team admissions simply means that we aren’t verifying new teams. A team that doesn’t yet exist in our database can be added to earn a team achievement, but it will remain unverified. These cases are handled with event organisers directly, so event managers don’t have to intervene in this process.

Can I rebrand an old verified team?

No. We consider this verifying a new team, so it’s not possible.

Can the existing teams add new players to their roster?

Only verified teams can edit their main roster. Teams that were verified in the past maintain this status and can request roster changes as usual. Teams that aren’t verified can’t add players or staff members to their roster.

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Authors: Alvaro Peña, SML