# Players + Staff

The 3 essential fields of each profile are:

  • Nickname
  • CR account (player tag)
  • Nationality

Profiles can have multiple accounts tied to their profile. All those accounts will display the same information and achievements.

Additionally, but not necessarily, players may have more information as:

  • Social media (Twitter)
  • Content creation (YouTube and Twitch)
  • Liquipedia.net profile
  • Main team ①
  • Participations in competitions ②
  • Achievements ③
  • Role ④

Profile sample

# Apply

Just as everyone can participate in the competitive CR scene, everyone can have an esports profile in RoyaleAPI. If you want it, you can request it with this form (opens new window).

Create a new profile

# ① Main team

Players can only have one main team linked to their profile. At the moment, only team admins are able to add profiles to their team. If you are a member of a team but it doesn't appear in your profile, we advise you to get in touch with the staff of your team. You can find out who is the admin of a team in the profile page of each team.

Admin Display

If your team is not yet verified in RoyaleAPI, this contact information might be missing. A staff member can request the verification by following the steps described in the team section of this page (opens new window). Anyone can request their current team to be removed from their profile. Find out how to do so in the request changes section below.

# ② Participations in competitions

Competitions associated with RoyaleAPI are displayed in the profiles of their participants while they are active. Once the competition concludes, the participation information is removed. This information is provided by the staff of each event, so changes in this field should be handled through them. Competitions that aren't currently collaborating with RoyaleAPI can apply if they meet our criteria — more information about that in the events section (opens new window).

# ③ Achievements

The achievements recognised by RoyaleAPI fall into two different categories: individual and team achievements. For both of them, the basic requirement is a minimum of $500 USD as the total prize pool.

Individual achievements are only available for players.

Achievements are usually awarded to the Top4 players of the event, but depending on the prize pool and relevance we might extend it to more positions. If an achievement that satisfies our criteria is missing in a profile, you can ask our team to add it through this form (opens new window). Please provide as much information as possible for us to verify if the achievement is eligible. Ladder finishes from each season are considered valid since April 2017. The Top10 players can request the achievement to be added in their main account.

Team achievements are available for staff and players.

Only the participants who are active at the conclusion of an event will receive the achievements in their profile. Information of the participants must be provided by the organizers of an event. If the organisers missed a participant that should have received the achievement, please contact our staff with details and sufficient proof to verify this is the case.

# ④ Roles

By default, all profiles are set to be players. Our currently available roles are: player, manager, coach, analyst, staff, caster and creator. Except for players, these roles will appear in profiles as a label. Team admins choose the roles of all their members. When a profile isn't linked to a team, the role can be changed with our profiles form — more details in the request changes section below.

Note: Profiles can have multiple roles at once. E.g.: Player & Coach.

# Pro label

Pro Label

By strict definition, a professional (Pro) in Clash Royale is someone for whom playing CR is a job. This generally means being paid and/or contracted by a team. As contracts are usually confidential, considering someone a professional is often subjective.

We have chosen two requirements to help us decide if someone is a Pro in a fairly objective way. Pros will need both of the following:

  • Individual achievement of at least Tier 5 (See ③)
  • Team achievement of at least Tier 5 (See ②)

If you believe that you satisfy these criteria and deserve the Pro label, you can request it with this form (opens new window). Giving extra information and explaining why the label should be added to your profile is appreciated and very useful for our team.

Request the Pro label

If you want to know more about achievement tiers you can find details in our Esports Achievement Tiers blog post.

# Request changes

You can request changes to any profile by filling in this form (opens new window). Requests to be added to a team will be ignored, as that's handled by team admins.

Request profile changes

Some of our most common requests are:

  • Add social media links
  • Link additional accounts to a profile
  • Add achievements that meet our criteria
  • Delete the current team

For complex issues that require personal assistance please contact us on RoyaleAPI Discuss (opens new window).

Create a support request