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I had a ranked finish in a Global Tournament but it doesn’t display on RoyaleAPI. Why?

When a Global Tournament is finished, they go through a Fair Play check by Supercell. The final results then get logged into Supercell’s database. The leaderboard displayed on RoyaleAPI is the result from that database. If you don’t see your name in that leaderboard, then it means that for whatever reason, you didn’t pass Supercell’s fair play check.

But I have received the achievement?

The in-game achievements were granted before the fair play checks, as are the profile badges.

Can’t you get the leaderboard before fair play checks?

We talked to Supercell about this to see if it’s possible to get the leaderboards before the fair play checks. Unfortunately, they said that it’s not possible because they can only send the final state from the database.

Why was I flagged by Fair Play?

Supercell does not provide a reason for their fair play checks. It doesn’t even necessarily have to do with how you played in that global tournament. As far as we know, it’s possible for Fair Play to flag a player for other things — e.g. being rude to another person inside a clan and got reported to support. In many of those cases, the player won’t get any warning from the game. But these instances could result in the player being removed from the global tournament leaderboard.

I talked to in-game support and they said that my account is clean?

A clean account means that an account is in good standing, and is not currently subjected to any bans. But that doesn’t mean that it had passed all the previous fair play checks. It‘s also possible that the support agent could not see details of your fair play checks in the past.

How can I add my missing finish?

You can’t.

The Global Tournament rank on my player profile is different than the one displayed on RoyaleAPI. Why?

The one displayed in-game is the rank you got when the tournament has finished, before Fair play checks. The one displayed on RoyaleAPI is your final rank after fair play checks.

Is it possible to display the one before fair play on RoyaleAPI?

No. We could only get the rank after fair play checks. We have talked to Supercell about this already, and they said that getting the rank before fair play checks happened is impossible.

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