Supercell Content Creators

Supercell, the developer of Clash Royale, has an amazing content creator program that helps creators from all around the world. It is a great tool for anyone looking to grow their audience and improve their content.

Although joining requirements have been lowered to make the program more accessible for up-and-coming creators, being a part of it is something special that we want to highlight, and that's what profile badges are for!

Not everyone who joins the creator program has the same level of access and perks. The 2 main tiers are:

  • Creator
  • SuperCreator

Requesting your badge

If you are in the Supercell Creator Program, you can request the badge for your RoyaleAPI profile.


The Discord account that you include in the form will be used to verify that you are currently in the Creator Program.

Request Creator Badge

Badges can take a few weeks to be added after you request them.

Not yet in the Creator Program?

You can apply to join the Creator Program in the official website:

Join the Creator Program

If you just want to find out more details about it, this pageopen in new window has a good summary.


After being verified by a Supercell Content Manager, you become an official creator. Creators in this tier have this green badge:

Basic Creator Badge


As described in the official website:

Super Creators have a solid track record of quality content, a positive attitude, and trust from our community managers. But hey, becoming a black belt takes years of improvement. And even so, not everyone will make it to this level.

This is the highest tier in the creator program, distinguished by this blue-magenta badge:

SuperCreator Badge

Finding Content Creator profiles

Over the years we have created several tools that focus on content creators. If you want to find the accounts of the best known celebrities, we recommend you use our creator leaderboards:

Twitter LeaderboardYouTube Leaderboard

With them, you can find all the creator channels, sorted by the number of followers and subscribers they have.

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