Pro Label

Pro Label

By strict definition, a professional (Pro) in Clash Royale is someone for whom playing CR is a job. This generally means being paid and/or contracted by a team. As contracts are usually confidential, considering someone a professional is often subjective.

Label requirements

We have chosen some requirements to help us decide if someone is a Pro in an objective and consistent way. There are two valid paths to be eligible for the Pro label:

[Option A] Individual achievements:

  • 3 Individual Achievements of at least Tier 5
  • 1 Individual Achievement of at least Tier 4

[Option B] Individual and team achievements:

  • 1 Individual achievement of at least Tier 5
  • 1 Team achievement of at least Tier 5 (as a player)

You can learn about our tier system and which achievements are eligible to be added to profiles in this blog postopen in new window.

Request the label

If you satisfy these criteria and deserve the Pro label, you can request it with this formopen in new window. If the request is approved, the label will be added to your profile within a week.

Request the Pro label

Multi-color label

This more exclusive label is meant to distinguish the highest tier players who are currently active. The multi-color label can't be requested; players who already have the Pro label and earned a Tier 2 or Tier 1 individeal achievement in the last year will automatically get it in their profiles. At the same time, it is automatically removed if a year passes since the last T2+ achievement was earned.

Additional considerations

We reserve the right to reject label requests from individuals who meet the requirements. Causes for this rejection include but are not limited to player impersonations, Supercell ToS breaches and unprofessional behaviour.

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Authors: Alvaro Peña, SML