Clan Family

How can my family appear on the clan family page?

If you would like your clan family be listed on the clan familyopen in new window page, you will need to send us your clan configuration in YAML. Details on how to do this can be found on our family-config repo on Githubopen in new window. Once you are ready, open a new issueopen in new window and provide us with the configuration. Our team will add it as soon as time allows. Because of volume it may take a few weeks.

Configuration Guide

If you would like your clan family to be listed at in new window and in new window, you will need to send us your clan configuration in YAMLopen in new window.


  • Create config
  • Submit issue

Read this guide thoroughly on how to configure it and then open a new issueopen in new window with your configuration.


Please remember to escape your config as shown below with the three backticks when including it in your issue. First to open it with the three back ticks followed by the language yaml, and then to close it at the end.

name: Name of the Family
key: URL shortname
color: red
emblem: A_Char_Rocket_02


This table shows what all those fields mean

nameName of the family.
keyShortcut name. Used in the URL path.
colorBrand color. See below for acceptable colors. HEX is not supported yet, so use the closest match.
emblemClan Badge. Find it from your clan page or look up in RoyaleAPI/cr-api-assets/badgesopen in new window
infoOptional information. Used in clans page.
clansNames and tags of your clans.
sortSort order of the clans. Don’t include this field if you wish the clans be sorted according to the order in the clans field. Use sort: trophy if you want the clans to be sorted according to the clan score.

Info fields

logoPlease provide URL to your logo and we will upload it.
descriptionFamily description in markdown. Please be brief as it will push all your clans down if it is too long.
socialLinks to social media sites.

You may order these in any order. The site will display them according to the order that you have entered in your configuration.

  • application: url
  • discord: url
  • email: mailto_url
  • facebook: url
  • instagram: url
  • twitch: url
  • twitter: url
  • website: url
  • youtube: url


nameName of the clan
tagClan tag without the # symbol


Family Config Colors)


RoyaleAPI Clan Family in new window

royaleapi.ymlopen in new window

name: RoyaleAPI Clan Family
key: royaleapi
color: blue
emblem: Sword_02
  logo: /static/img/branding/cr-api-logo.png
  description: >
    The **RoyaleAPI Clan Family** (RACF) was originally known as
    the Reddit Alpha Clan Family and then briefly as the 100 Thieves Clan Family.
    Home to professional players that eventually moved on to play at CRNAO,
    King’s Cup, and CRL, our family fosters an environment where casual
    and competitive styles of play can both flourish.
    - twitter:
    - discord:
    - website:
  - name: RoyaleAPI Alpha
    tag: 9PJ82CRC
  - name: RoyaleAPI Bravo
    tag: 9UQJUJC9
  - name: RoyaleAPI Coca
    tag: 9G99JQPL
  - name: RoyaleAPI Delta
    tag: 9G8VYGL0
  - name: RoyaleAPI Echo
    tag: 9CJ0L9RG
  - name: RoyaleAPI Zen
    tag: 9LPVG9UC
  - name: RoyaleAPI
    tag: 9R8G9290

LeGeND Family in new window

legend.ymlopen in new window

name: LeGeND Family
key: legend
color: yellow
emblem: Flame_03
  logo: /static/img/brands/logo/legend.png
  description: >
    The Legend family is one of the oldest and biggest families in Clash Royale
    with our 700 members and 14 clans!
    Since creation, we as a family and individual players have grown immensely
    and continue to today.
    We believe that’s the reason why we have come so far.
    **The family is a place for everyone, as our members come from all around the world,
    from casual to competitive players, old to young,
    active to very active and so on.**
    We all share a fellow passion for the game, are friendly, always donate,
    help each other out with the same goal: to always improve our skills and have a great time!
    **Join the Family. Become a Legend. **
    - discord:
    - website:
    - twitter:
    - facebook:
    - instagram:
    - youtube:
    - reddit:
    - email:
  - name: Dragons Eight
    tag: 29YPJYY
  - name: LeGeND eSports!
    tag: 2GJYVRYQ
  - name: LeGeND Squad!
    tag: 80CC8
  - name: Dragons Eight 2
    tag: Y8G9C09
  - name: LeGeND Prime!
    tag: 2LL8LC2R
  - name: LeGeND Titan!
    tag: 9PJYVVL2
  - name: LeGeND Legion!
    tag: VJQ0GJ0
  - name: LeGeND Rising!
    tag: RY9QJU2
  - name: LeGeND Dynasty!
    tag: 99R2PQVR
  - name: LeGeND Phantom!
    tag: 2CJ88808
  - name: LeGeND Empire!
    tag: 9P2PQULQ
  - name: White Plague
    tag: J0CQ9R9
  - name: Dragons Eight 3
    tag: 2ULY20LU
  - name: LeGeND Academy!
    tag: 8QRQQ8RG

Nova eSports in new window

nova.ymlopen in new window

name: Nova eSports
key: nova
color: purple
emblem: Star_Shine_03
sort: trophy
  logo: /static/img/brands/logo/nova.svg
  description: >
    **Competitive excellence through community-driven values.**
    Nova is a mobile-focused eSports organization committed to empowering
    individuals through a supportive team environment.
    We look for talent that has the character to back it up.
    That talent is cultivated and supported through team-based growth strategies and
    passionate staff that care about player outcomes.
    Community is the foundation of those outcomes and is the core of player dedication.
    - website:
    - twitter:
    - instagram:
    - facebook:
    - twitch:
    - youtube:
    - application:
    - email:
  - name: Nova eSports
    tag: LCVUYCR
  - name: Nova I ARG
    tag: 8QC8YQJC
  - name: Nova l Brazil
    tag: JVRPGV8
  - name: Nova I C.A
    tag: 8JLVR9VV
  - name: Nova l Canada
    tag: 8PLYP8V
  - name: Nova l EG
    tag: 8YLJ8UL2
  - name: Nova FrenchArmy
    tag: 8VG2C9CJ
  - name: Nova l Hispania
    tag: 2CQQVQCU
  - name: HK@852 l Nova
    tag: 8JQQP8UL
  - name: Nova l India
    tag: 8GGC990V
  - name: Nova I Iran
    tag: 8YGRJ8GG
  - name: Nova I Korea
    tag: 92LLJ828
  - name: Nova l JPN
    tag: 2GYJL2GQ
  - name: Nova l MANGÚ™
    tag: 8JQP02QQ
  - name: Nova l Potenza
    tag: 2UP8R99Y
  - name: Nova l Raze
    tag: 8UY0CPU2
  - name: Nova l Swiss
    tag: 8RR89PUY
  - name: Nova Turkey
    tag: CYCJJLG
  - name: Nova l 大唐天子
    tag: RVL2PQQ
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