RLS 2v2 Practice

RLS has a 2v2 mode that allows teams to practice 2v2. It has these features:

  • Battles are initiated from Discord.
  • Players don’t have to be in the same clan.
  • Players don’t have to be friends with anyone they play with.
  • Private channels can be setup so you can practice privately.
  • All the battles played in the channel can be viewed in its own log on our site.
  • You can watch the replay of any battles (both 1v1 and 2v2). It will open directly in-game.
  • This is not 2v2 Ladder

Getting Started

  1. Ask everyone on your team to join our Discord server.
  2. Verify player accounts at the #rr-verify channel.
  3. Test and make sure that you want to play 2v2 this way at the #rr-play2v2 channel.
  4. If you are happy with the mechanism, let us know in #rr-support that you wish to have a private channel setup for 2v2. Please include:
    • Your team name
    • Mention everyone that is in your team

Bot Commands

  • You can play 2v2 games in the #rr-play2v2 channel.
  • If you were given a private 2v2 channel, it will have the name #rr-play2v2-teamname.

Start a match

You start a match with this command, followed by mentions of 3 other players.

!!rr play2v2 @Team1Player2 @Team2Player1 @Team2Player2

The command will present you with a Discord embed, followed by two reaction buttons:

  • ✅: everyone who is mentioned need to react to this emoji to acknowledge that they are ready to play.
  • ❌: the person issuing the command can react to this emoji to cancel the matchmaking.

Battle Logs

Your private battle logs will be given to you as a URL, pinned to your private channel.

  • It contains all the battles ever played in that channel: 1v1 or 2v2
  • You can watch a replay of your games with the Replay icon. This links you directly in-game. It is not video.
  • As with all game replay, there is a time limit after which the replays are no longer available.


Battle logs on RLS has this icon. Tapping it will open Clash Royale and show you the replay in-game. It is not a video.

Battle Replay Icon


Will there be a 2v2 Ladder?

Not at this time. The 2v2 mode is enabled for practice only. We may develop 2v2 Ladder in the future if we can be certain that interests in this mode will extend beyond the initial hype for its potential. So while we have the capability to develop 2v2 Ladder, it is unfortunately not high on our priorites to create one.

Will the battle logs still show up on my profile?

Yes. Supercell returns all battles played in a player account, regardless of how it is initiated. So while the battle logs from the private channel has its own private URL, the individual battle will still show up under the player profile. There is no way around this.

Can I play 1v1 battles in our private channels?

Yes. Although we have set this up to make 2v2 practice easier, you can play 1v1 battles if you want to.

No. Replays are only available on the battle log on the RLS-specific URLs.

Can I register private player accounts?

Yes, you can. However, the system is not currently setup for you to truly hide from people. A command is available to pull up linked player profiles. A future iteration of RLS will tackle this issue.

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