# Site FAQ

# I have had many 12-win GCs recently, but I don’t see me on the 12-win leaderboard. How can I appear there?

We only know about players getting 12-wins if we see that on their battle logs. What you can do to ensure that we record all of your 12-wins is to visit your player battle log whenever you have gotten your 12th win. As long as the site has indexed your 12th win battle, it will be counted towards the 12-win Player Leaderboard (opens new window) score.

# How can my family appear on the clan family page?

If you would like your clan family be listed on the clan family (opens new window) page, you will need to send us your clan configuration in YAML. Details on how to do this can be found on our family-config repo on Github (opens new window). Once you are ready, open a new issue (opens new window) and provide us with the configuration. Our team will add it as soon as time allows. Because of volume it may take 1-2 weeks.

# How can I enable clan history for my clan?

Clan history is an excellent way to for clans to track activity over time. However, it is not enabled by default. In order to enable it, add the URL Code: RoyaleAPI in your clan description. If you visit your history page and the info message disappear, it means that we have started tracking. History is tracked every four hours.

To see how it works, check out:

# I have an excellent idea for the website, where can I tell you about it?

We are always eager to hear your feedback. If you have a feature / suggestion for the web site, you can:

# Why don’t you have deck search for War decks?

The current API response for Duel Decks structures duel decks in a peculiar way. Specifically, the battles are not split into their individual battles and there isn’t currently a way to determine which side has won for each match.

We have devised a workaround to determine the ultimate winner for the entire duel but having that information alone is not enough to compare duel decks.

What‘s needed is a different implementation of how duel battles are logged. Unfortunately, this is something that only Supercell can do. With that said, we have already submitted a feature request to Supercell at the beginning of Clan Wars 2. It is now up to them to prioritize when it will get implemented.

# Why don’t you have an app?

We are a small team and we’re already spending most of our resources keeping our site up to date and developing features that players will enjoy. Having an app would require another full-time mobile developer.

Our monthly server expenses are fairly high and our advertising revenue is barely covering our expenses. We’re not allowed by Supercell Fan Content Policy to derive revenue from anything other than advertising and donations. Specifically in regarding donations, we are not allowed to provide premium services in exchange for donations either. So unfortunately, we don’t have the means to support another full-time mobile developer at the moment.

We will continue to evaluate the feasibility of making an app but this is unfortunately not something what would be able to do at this time.