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The RoyaleAPI Esports Database is the most detailed and complete source of information for the competitive CR community. Our database is kept up to date thanks to our extensive collaboration with hundreds of teams and competitions. In the past, the main requirement for our associated events was to have a minimum prize pool of $500 USD. With it, we limited the amount of submissions for new competitions and ensured they met our high standards.

Our alternative

With this alternative, event organizers can apply to add their competition to RoyaleAPI despite not satisfying the previously listed requirement. After an initial validation process, events can use their social media reach to prove they deserve to be seen among other high profile events.

These are some ways that can be used prove you count with community support:

  • Arrange a Discord poll in our Discord server and reach 2000 votes in favor
  • Reach 2000 likes in a Twitter post that explicitly mentions this process
  • A different process that we can agree on

We hope this system can better help community-based events that are successful but lack the financial support to meet our prize pool minimum.

Summary of the process

  1. Submit this formopen in new window and email us at
  2. Be verified as an eligible event
  3. Announcement seeking support is published
  4. Event reaches the goal
  5. Final review
  6. Event added to RoyaleAPI

Basic admission details

We allow a wide range of events in our database, but we usually demand these events to have a minimum length. This means that single-elimination cups are usually rejected. All events must have a team-based format to appear in player profiles, individual-player events are only be added as achievements.

What should you expect if your event is accepted?

Associated events are displayed in the profiles of the players and staff who participated in the event while the competition is in progress. Once it concludes, the members from the top four teams get a permanent achievement in their profiles. Please note that league Portals aren't broadly available to all of our associated events at the moment, so being accepted doesn't ensure having one.

You can find more details about our event collaborations here.

If you have any questions that have not been addressed here, please contact Alpe123open in new window.

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